Videos from Ken Fisher

One of Ken Fisher’s many passions is helping people learn to be more informed financial consumers. In addition to publishing his tips in print, he frequently appears in videos from his firm, Fisher Investments. These videos are designed to be helpful educational resources for not only clients, but anyone hoping to get a better grasp on how financial markets and professionals operate. Ken also often comments on current events to describe how they are (or aren’t) likely to rattle markets. Be sure to check this page regularly for Ken’s latest videos produced by Fisher Investments, and see what new insights he has to share.

The Importance of Having a Benchmark

When driving, you usually want some help to stay on the road—for example, proper road lines and lighting. Without something guiding you, how can you know if you are on track to get to your destination? The same goes for investing. A benchmark provides a way for you to evaluate if you are on target to meet your goals.

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The Importance of Diversification and Investing Globally

Why should you invest globally? What could your returns look like over time if you do? While many investors may be biased toward investing in stocks based in their home country, this isn’t necessarily the best approach to investing, and it limits the level of portfolio diversification you can reach.

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What is a Fiduciary?

Do you know what a “fiduciary” money manager is? Not many people do! But that doesn’t mean it’s not important. In this video, Fisher Investments’ founder, Ken Fisher, explains the fiduciary standard, how it applies to investment advisers and what that means for you.

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Difference between a Correction and a Bear Market

Is it a correction or a bear market? What’s the difference, and why does it matter? While there are technical distinctions about the magnitude of market decline that defines each, most importantly: One tends to be short, sharp and caused purely by sentiment, while the other is caused by fundamental negatives and followed much more frequently by an economic downturn. Ken also explains why a long-term focus is so important for most investors.

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Trump's Tariffs

Tariffs are always bad economics, but these tariffs aren’t nearly big enough to cause too much trouble relative to the size of the global economy. The totality of both US tariffs imposed on foreign and retaliatory tariffs imposed on the US come to amounts that are 15-20% of the tariff-able total. This is way too small to have a real impact on an $80+ trillion global economy. Is it bad? Yes! Is it a negative? Yes. But, it’s a small negative.

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