The Wall Street Waltz

The Wall Street Waltz is essentially a picture book for investors. Markets go through cycles of booms and busts—always have and always will. In The Wall Street Waltz, Ken Fisher details in charts and graphs the history of financial markets.

As he explains: "These charts are authentic. They provide vivid visual perspective on how Wall Streeters have waltzed for centuries. If there is one thing I've learned in the financial world, it is that while events and curious phenomena enter and exit the scene almost daily, nothing really important has changed for hundreds of years. All those trendy new details that so excite the media and the menagerie aren't very important at all. The really important things aren't new and haven't changed, and very few folks ever discuss them. But by seeing how Wall Streeters have done their waltz before--right and wrong--you can gain perspective on doing it right, now and forever."

The Wall Street Waltz 90 Visual Perspectives: Illustrated Lessons from Financial Cycles and Trends

by Ken Fisher
John Wiley & Sons
Re-released from Wiley under the new Fisher Investment Series, November 2007
(First published by Contemporary Books, 1987)