100 Minds that Made the Market

Ever wonder how the brightest and worst financial minds work (or worked)? How those people came up with the ideas they did? And what they did with those ideas?

First published in 1993, Ken Fisher's third book, 100 Minds That Made the Market, delves into the minds of 100 individuals throughout time, some as great as Warren Buffet and some as weasel-ey (though arguably still quite clever) as Charles Ponzi, picking apart their lives and investments to learn the how and why behind their actions.

As Ken explains, "Looking back on [the 100 individuals'] lives is invaluable for anyone who never stopped to think how the market came about and essential for everyone connected with today's market and tomorrow’s future. As the saying goes, 'Those who do not learn the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them.'... In reading 100 Minds That Made the Market, you will find the story behind Wall Street’s gradual formation as fascinating and engrossing as the market itself."

100 Minds That Made The Market

by Ken Fisher
John Wiley & Sons
Re-released from Wiley under the new Fisher Investment Series, August 2007
(First published by Pacific Publishing Group in 1991)